Onya Cox laat een tattoo op haar schelp zetten #Heftig

Lekker hoor een tattoo op je schelp. Dat dacht Onya Cox ook! Wie is deze chick dan?

Wel zie hier haar engelse biografie en daaronder het filmpje van de tattoo op haar oester:

Onya began establishing her pseudo-celebrity status early by hosting as MC to many hot Las Vegas nightclubs including Crave Halloween and Drink and Drag. But of course she couldn’t stop at simply hosting live events! She quickly went on to become an official TV correspondent for such media empires as WeedTV and CannibasCafe.tv. Through these venues she could be found operating as a celebrity interviewer at multiple locations across the country. Onya was even the red carpet interviewer at the famous Juju Royale CalSap where she met with such names as Tommy Chong, Afroman, Chef Big Sal and even Juju Marley himself, not to mention multiple Las Vegas politicians.

Onya has also become a spokesperson for such companies as Enailme, Bombpinups and Sin City Olive Company. She consistently shows face, as well as skin, at tattoo conventions and has been featured on the BBC for being the only woman alive with a Glow in the Dark Vagina tattoo (gasp)!

Onya’s voice has also been heard on NPR and multiple radio stations across the nation as ‘Sexpert’ for her vast knowledge and input on sexuality and alternative lifestyles.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

Leuk? Delen maar!